Stage, Lights, and Sound

Upcoming Concert
The stage, lights, and sound are set! Dress Rehearsal went well last night and we are ready! Sharing a screen shot of a post by The Chapel. If you plan to come, you can get your tickets and reserve your seats in advance, just click this link - 
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Merry Christmas, Darling

Christmas Songs
While growing up in the Philippines, I listened to The Carpenters and loved Karen Carpenter's voice. When I received the Artist Support Grant to record my first Christmas album, I had to include one of Karen's classic Christmas songs. This was one of the first songs on my list to record in my Silver Bells album. Here's a track for your listening pleasure: [embed][/embed] While I'm not attempting to sound like Karen Carpenter, I am performing this song the same way as the original recording. If you like or love this song, please share your comments below. Thank You.
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