Loving You

Mark 12:30-31

Inspired by “Loving You” an original song by Julie-Ann Aguhob

Arranged by Peter Vantine

Many years ago, I was once again heartbroken. My mind began to ask the questions – who’s going to love me, take care of me, and share my life? One afternoon, I was emotionally exhausted from wallowing in self-pity, insecurity, and fear of loneliness that I fell asleep. When I woke up from my nap, I started singing the phrase “loving you, I’ll never be alone.” And then the melody, three verses, and the chorus all came to mind. Within two hours the words and music came together in a song titled “Loving You.”  The lyrics made me look back at my life and realize that Loving You” means loving my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and knowing that:

Loving You, I’ll never be alone,
Loving You, brings out the best in me,
Loving You, I’ll live through all eternity.

The words in the chorus have always rung true in my life, since I’ve been living on my own:

You provide my every need,
You protect me from the storm,
You give strength when I am weak,
You’re my Savior when I fall.

The Lord God inspired me to write “Loving You” to tell me He is my Provider, Protector, and Lover of my Soul. Though my future was uncertain at the time, it was the beginning of surrendering my Independent Solo Life for God-Dependent Living.

In January 2018, the Lord blessed me with an Artist Support Grant from the Regional Arts Commission to produce my second album – Silver Bells Songs of Christmas JOY! When my producer suggested that I record one of my original songs, I decided to include “Loving You” on the album. For many years I kept this song to myself. And now I believe the Lord God wants me to share this song with the rest of the world, so that others can be inspired to love God and live a God-Dependent Life.

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