It’s finally Spring 2021! After a very challenging 2020, when the world was overwhelmed with the pandemic, it’s time to begin anew. Warmest greetings! from yours truly, Julie-Ann Joy (joolee-uhn joi), the musical artist and designer of this website. My artist name comes from my first name (Julie-Ann) and nickname (Joy).

Julie-Ann Joy
Julie-Ann Joy Aguhob

My life took an unexpected turn in January when I had to move out of my lovely apartment to another unknown future. Once again, I surrendered my will to God and fervently prayed for Divine intervention and guidance.

My music collaborator Peter Vantine recently created new videos of his solo vocal music compositions featuring my voice singing: “Psalm 3” and “Breathe on Me, Breath of God.”  Psalm 3 from my first album Simple Song, is based on verses 1-3, 7 and 8 of the psalm. These verses precisely depict all that I went through at the beginning of 2021.

Thankfully, the Lord God provided a temporary home for me to pause and reflect on where my next chapter of life will be. In March 2021, Peter Vantine released our recording of Breathe on Me, Breath of God  as a single. The lyrics to this beloved hymn by Edwin Hatch and set to music by Peter, is a wonderful expression of my joy and gratefulness for the Lord’s provision for my new home, source of income, and perhaps even opportunities for music ministry in Spring 2021!

In addition to my musical talent as a Singer, I’m also an actress and writer who is fluent in English and Tagalog. By the way, if it’s not already playing, listen to the FEATURED Song of the Week: Little Lamb also from Simple Song. The album is available for purchase on this website.


My Christmas album Silver Bells Songs of Christmas JOY! is also available on this site or streaming via Spotify, Apple, or YouTube. This album is a collection of my favorite Christmas Songs and my original song Loving You. Listen to samples on Spotify or visit the Silver Bells-Songs of Christmas JOY! web page. This is my 2nd independently produced CD album following my 1st CD Simple Song.

As a creative DIYer, this musical project has taught me a lot about divine intervention and making my dream of producing my 1st Christmas album a tangible reality. I’m on the next phase of this musical journey as I  promote, perform, and encourage you to order your copy of Silver Bells-Songs of Christmas JOY! and purchase additional CDs as Christmas gifts to family, friends and loved ones.

With my diverse interests and a passion for music, teaching and travel, and technology, I’ve used creativity to communicate knowledge and ideas as well as teach in the classroom. While I seek opportunities to perform and promote my CDs, I enjoy authoring, content writing, technical writing and documentation as a Technical Communicator, Web Designer and Developer.

Lastly, I have lived in five states in North America and traveled to 49 states except Hawaii.  As a solo traveler, I love wandering in cities around the world like one of the locals, and I have wanderlust for spending time enjoying every livable continent on earth. Read about it at travelwithjoy.blog