Christmas Kiss

Today starts the weekend of Christmas Love Songs. Kicking of this mini-series is another original song by Steven Curtis Chapman (SCC). If you didn’t already notice, I’m a big fan of SCC as a gifted songwriter. JOY Album - Steven Curtis Chapman What’s so endearing about Steven, is the love songs he’s written and recorded through the years for his wife Mary Beth. If this song is any indication, their love has remained steadfast throughout their marriage. After all these years, the songs he writes convey his adoration, affection, and respect for his sweetheart like they were young and in love.

The first time I saw SCC in concert was with my boyfriend at the time. In his concerts, he always sets up his loves song by encouraging couples in the audience to snuggle up. Remember the 1st Christmas you shared with your spouse or sweetheart? This original song captures that moment of young love. So snuggle up with your sweetheart and/or spouse and listen or slow dance while listening to “Christmas Kiss.” Listen on Spotify if you’re a subscriber or watch the official lyrics video on YouTube.

This is the Dec. 11 Song Blog from (my) Julie-Ann Joy’s 2020 Christmas Playlist. Check back everyday until New Year’s Day as I add another song to my playlist.


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