Winter Wonderland

This holiday song was written by American conductor, pianist and composer Felix Bernard and lyricist Richard Bernhard Smith in 1934. Jim Brickman’s arrangement and performance starts dreamy and mystical in a slow tempo, and then the tempo picks up into a lyrical song, which I often join in and sing. Christmas Romance - Jim Brickman

While living in the Philippines as a child, my sisters and I enjoyed singing “walking in a winter wonderland” complete with arm & hand gestures. So just imagine our delight when we first experienced SNOW! We couldn’t help singing “Winter Wonderland” as we jumped, played, and crashed in a bed of snow for the first time. To this day, I burst out singing this song whenever I go for a walk around my neighborhood after a snow storm, and I make the first snow tracks.

You can listen on Spotify if you’re a subscriber or YouTube. This is the Dec. 10 Song Blog from (my) Julie-Ann Joy’s 2020 Christmas Playlist. Check back everyday until New Year’s Day as I add another song to my playlist.


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