O Holy Night (piano solo)

Four days until we celebrate Christmas here in America. As I write this blog I am reminded by the news that the Christmas Star, that hasn’t appeared in 800 years, will shine brightly tonight! Prayer Improvisations Christmas

One of the most beloved classic Christmas carol is “O Holy Night.” The origins of the lyrics come from the Christmas poem Cantique de Noëlwritten by French poet Placide Cappeau in 1843.  The composer Adolphe Adams set the poem to music in 1847, and then the poem was translated to English by minister and abolitionist John Sullivan Dwight in 1855.

This piano solo arrangement by Peter Vantine captures the reverence of the night Jesus Christ was born. Peter begins with musical notes that somewhat depict the motion of a mother rocking her child to sleep in her arms. Can you imagine the blessed Virgin Mary with Jesus in her arms as she soothes and rocks him to sleep?

Now imagine the angelic voices as they sing and proclaim the birth of the long-awaited Messiah. Jesus Christ the savior of the world is born! Finally, imagine everyone who came to see the baby Jesus and falling on their knees in awe and reverence for the fulfillment of prophecy. Try to think of the lyrics as you listen to this recording and  reflect on the words. Listen on Spotify if you’re a subscriber or YouTube.

This is the Dec. 21 Song Blog from (my) Julie-Ann Joy’s 2020 Christmas Playlist. Check back everyday until New Year’s Day as I add another song to my playlist.


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